Behind the Threads – Granny Rags

I received Dishonored at my bridal shower, because my friends are beautiful amazing people.

This is my tribute to what I easily consider one of my most favorite video games:

Granny Rags - Dishonored


Ok so the mask was foam latex. I bought the mask (planning on molding my own) but I did paint it. Check it out:

Granny Rags - Dishonored

Here’s me wearing it at an interview. Ignore my wig. My wig is being a little butt head because I took it apart to use for my Halloween costume and it NEVER FORGIVES.


I am crazy proud of that wig, though. I failed to grab shots from before I styled it, but it was the most beautiful wig I’d ever laid eyes on. I got it right as the amazing wigs that are currently on the market came onto said market, and I felt so guilty ruining it. The ends curled perfectly into Granny’s magically held up French-twist-bun-thing.

Her bun thing lacks any sort of holding together thing so I ended up sewing and gluing it into place.


I hand painted the coat with the design, and I feel it shows, although the photos are very forgiving. The coat is a trench coat I modified. You can read more about it here and here.


The boots were a pair of boots that I cut the top off and put over another pair of boots. They were 2 sizes too big and gave me awful blisters. Pro tip – buy shoes that fit.


I just love everything about this costume. Sadly it takes about 2 hours to get into and just wasn’t very feasible at conventions.


Myself and the cyborg:

Granny Rags - Dishonored


Granny Rags - Dishonored


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