Behind the Threads: R Mika


If you ever told me I would have the guts to wear this costume, I would’ve laughed my butt off at you. GAAM asked for it for their VS show and I initially heard “pro wrestler” and “rainbows” and was like, “YES”. Then I saw a picture of her full costume and was like, “What did I get myself into?”

Rainbow Mika is an adorable teenage girl who dreams of being a professional wrestler. She throws herself rump first at her enemies and has a move where she spins around (with rainbows!) and slaps her butt cheek. She’s a silly, cheeky character who’s earnest about the sport and full of fan-service.

I didn’t feel thin enough or cute enough for the costume, but I did it! I learned I’m cute AF, and I learned a boat load about how to wear a skimpy outfit without flashing the world.

This costume was surprisingly straight forward to make. The challenge was making it stay on!


The suit is 2 suits sewn together. I started with a z-morph suit…

…and a flesh colored body stocking. I put on both suits and pinned them together, then sewed them together. Using the flesh colored suit meant I was able to sew the thigh pieces to the hose, which helped keep them up.

The suit also meant I was covered up. I could jump around and the thong wouldn’t slide up up my butt. I didn’t need to worry about makeup for scars or pimples. I felt more confident and less exposed.

I was torn about her hair. I hated her hair in Alpha 3, and Street Fighter 5’s wasn’t much better. I opted for a more natural look and I’m pleased with it.

The boots I bought and wore EVERYWHERE to break them in.

I tried to build a fake chest because hers was so comically large…

It just looked ridiculous and took the outfit from “revealing” to “lewd” so I bailed on that idea.

The shoulders and elbows were lines with white elastic. The ruffles I added on. Everything is sewn on using a zigzag stitch, which means the seams will stretch with the fabric.

Props-wise, I had a silk rainbow fan that I used to mimic some of her rainbow powers.

It looked pretty cool in the video.


My first mistake was picking a body stocking that was too tan. I feel like it’s WAY obvious, although no one has ever said anything to me about it.

After the first shoot I bought a different stocking and moved the costume to it, and it looks so much better

In the first version, I sewed the suits together in a few key spots, thinking that would be enough. It wasn’t, the crotch kept falling, the stomach piece flared out and the thigh pieces and shoulders kept sticking out at weird angles…

It didn’t ruin the costume, but it’s something I notice in all the photos. In the second version I sewed everything on a lot more, and added flesh to the shoulders and elbows.

I also almost shanked a ghost

My final mistake was not figuring out what would go under the costume. In an outfit like this, whatever you wear underneath it will show, so of course I had to go commando. I’m pretty annoyed that you can see my bra straps through the costume, and I wish I’d figured out a better solution there.

Final Thoughts

I would’ve never picked this costume on my own. I’m glad GAAM took me out of my comfort zone, and I enjoyed trying to figure out how to make it all stay up!