So You Wanna Cosplay? Beginner's Guide to Cosplay

I talk to a lot of people who want to start cosplaying and making costumes but haven’t for… reasons.

Some look at the hobby and see all these amazing, crazy complex costumes and feel intimidated. Some feel overwhelmed by how much there is and aren’t sure where to start. Some are worried about what they’re allowed to do, or don’t fit the “ideal” cosplay body. Some want to make costumes but lack the skills.

A lot ask for my opinions on how to start cosplaying and, well…. here they are! (Or here they will be, haha). These are only my opinions, and your cosplay goals are going to be different than mine. I’ll try to cover as wide a variety of topics as I can, but the biggest focus will be on creating accurate costumes that have something REALLY COOL about them.

This series is to address those fears and worries and help beginner cosplayers with fun stuff like…

  1. But what if they hate me?
  2. Picking a character
  3. Your cosplay “style”
  4. Planning a costume
  5. Common beginner mistakes
  6. Techniques like…
    1. Sewing
    2. Prop Making
    3. Armor Making
    4. Basic Makeup
    5. Basic Wig Styling
  7. Easy ways to take your costume to the next level
  8. A few problems and how to solve them
  9. Craftsmanship
  10. Your first event
  11. Getting photos
  12. A huge dictionary of terms and stuff for you to reference!

Also, I’ll have step-by-steps of building costumes like…

  • Kuma (Afro Samurai)
  • Izabel (Saga)
  • Hekapoo (Star vs the Forces of Evil)

Finally, there are some tutorials that’ll be for sale. If you follow me on Patreon, these will be posted there for free!

  1. Making fake tattoos
  2. Body painting tools and techniques
  3. Wig styling
  4. Building prosthetics for cosplay
  5. Fake leather work
  6. Wearable fog machine
  7. Making and styling huge wigs

This series starts in August, 2018. You can subscribe for email updates here below, so you don’t miss a post :) Or revisit this page. As posts are published, you’ll find them here!