Behind the Threads – Teddie How I made my Teddie cosplay

Remember that beautiful gorgeous partner in crime I have, Lindsay?

She stayed up with me until  4 am doing this costume.

She kind of owed me after I stayed up with her for Para, but I still made it miserable for both of us.

So, without further ado…


*Metrocon 2012 photos missing*

Yep. Totally didn’t get those. But luckily I got my GAAM tryout photos!


Teddie Persona 4

Teddie Persona 4I totally left his buttons in my trunk that day, buuuut it didn’t stop me from building Cait Sith and a Mog for GAAM!

Teddie Cosplay - Persona 4

Here’s a video of my interview with them that day (I’m so nervous haha)



The pose I wanted to use in photos was the one above, where I’m holding up the head and looking out. This meant I couldn’t have the body held on with suspenders, so I built an elaborate system of coat hangers and pool noodles…


That skeleton held the costume up. That and hope.


The head was paper-mache and cloth soaked in plaster. I lined the outside in a short plush fabric. The eyes are actually two holes that I could see out of. I used a quilting template painted black, and covered with a sheer black fabric. I could see through them but people couldn’t see into it.

Underneath the top of the head, I wrapped a pool noodle into a circle, making a soft “hat” that kept the Teddie!head on securely and without the hard surface of the paper/plaster combo resting on my head. Then I lined the interior in black felt.


The interior of the body is stuffed with stuffed animal stuffing. I also lined it with interfacing which kept Teddie from getting too lumpy. The wrists of Teddie have slits in them that let me flip his hands back so I can use mine.

The fabric refused to stick to the pool noodle I used at the top of the skeleton, so I ended up using really long T-pins to hold the fabric on.

Since Teddie is supposed to be naked inside of… himself? Naked inside his skin… suit..?

Since Teddie is supposed to be naked inside of his Teddie suit, I bound my chest, then attached black felt to the inside of the costume and tucked it into my binding, thus covering myself from prying eyes but still being “naked” from the shoulders up.


I built the crotch too low and that sucked. It meant I had to be careful about lifting my arm or Teddie suddenly had weird folds around the crotch. His feet were also left open for my shoes, and you can see them in photos :(

While the zipper actually worked, the head and body didn’t match up, which was personally disappointing.

Teddie Cosplay - Persona 4

Also, this was the costume I finally accepted I won’t be one of those people who can fake a flat chest without a full shirt over it.

All in all, a super cute and fun costume that I wore to Metrocon 2012 and had on display at GAAM 2014