TKKN Nature’s Pretty Sweet A RimWorld Mod

Presenting a mod I made! (TKKNTKKN is my steam name :) )

1.1 update is out. New stuff in bold below!

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Update Note:

2-27-2020 Update

Updated everything to work on 1.1 as far as creating a new colony (still tracking down and fixing any gameplay issues)

Fixed issue w/ wildflower and superbloom labels. Fixed snailhead coverage warning.

1.1 only: Made swimming optional (look under settings).
As of now, I’m fixing any “def” or translation issues for 1.0, but for scripts I’m doing only 1.1

Personal note and the future of the mod:

Last year was a little crazy, but I’m back on this project. Thank you to everyone who’s been patient and has enjoyed this mod. I’m excited to get some stuff out for this year! Because last year was so rough, I’m adding a wiki here about how to patch and add stuff for the mod if anyone wants to. It’s mostly to make mods compatible with each other. A few people reached out to me asking what my plans with the mod were, and I answered that I was working on splitting it into modules, so people could download only what they wanted. Splitting this turned into a nightmare, and that plan is on hiatus. I want to add new stuff to the mod and get it more stable, so I’m going to do that!

What it does

TKKNTKKN’s Nature’s Pretty Sweet adds additional terrain elements, weather, and biomes. It also updates the map in response to weather, giving a more wild, untamed and alive feeling to each map.

Requires a new save. Some of the weather effects might cause a little bit of lag (at high speeds or if you’re really zoomed out) but you can turn them off in the options.

Most new elements will generate in the standard biomes, but there are some biomes that guarantee new features, and a few elements are ONLY available in some biomes. Most of the elements were directly inspired by places I’ve camped in the US.

There are also new resources, items, dangers, natural protection from raids and other effects. Resources can be harvested to get items, which can be sold or consumed.

Compatibility & Warnings

NPS should be compatible with most other mods, unless a mod affects map/world generation.
I’m adding compatibility patches as people request them. Currently, I have:

  • Vegetable garden – Salt weeds will drop VG’s salt, and VG’s salted meat replaces mine. VG’s soils will darken in the rain.
  • AnimalCollabProj – custom animals will spawn
  • Rainbeau’s bridges – can build bridges on new waters/muds*
  • Dub’s Bad Hygiene – colonists will bathe outdoors

*Compatibility is being handled by this mod’s author.

Currently requires a new game, because the biomes are generated when your world is generated. If you don’t care about that, there’s an option called “LEAVE ALONE: Regen cell lists”. Click it, save and reload your file. Then uncheck it and save again. This will give you weather effects and tides.

This is my first mod ever. It was also my first time coding in C# outside of messing around in OpenZelda as a kid. There are some bugs, unfortunately. A full list of bugs will be on GitHub soon.



  • Soil and sand will darken when wet. Wet sand and soil increase fertility. Deserts will see an increase in plant growth after it rains.
  • Puddles form after rainfall and snow melt.
  • Rivers flood from rain, and are higher in the spring and lower in the fall.
  • Snow forms on trees and plants after snowfall.
  • Dry spells occur and plants will turn brown, lose their leaves and die.
  • Some plants will blossom in the spring or after rain
  • Water freezes in the winter.
  • New weather:
    • Dust Storms (deserts only)
    • Overcast
    • Partially Cloudy
    • Windy
    • Wind Storm
  • Seasonal weather, events and disease – how likely something is to happen will change as the seasons go by. Basic breakdown:
    • Disease
      • Adds allergies and the common cold, which is a less deadly flu
      • Increase cold, flu, when cooler.
      • Increase allergies in spring/fall (or equivalent)
      • Increase malaria when wet and hot
      • Increase plague when dry and hot
    • Events
      • CropBlight – Increase when wet.
      • Alphabeavers – Increase on wooded maps.
      • Flashstorm – Increase when biome would experience forest fires in real life, usually summer or fall.
      • ColdSnap – Increase in winter/on cold maps.
      • HeatWave – Increase in summer/on hot maps.
      • VolcanicWinter – Increase in lava zone.
      • HerdMigration – Increase in spring/fall in applicable areas.
      • Special_HerdMigration – Use only in areas known for important migrations (caribou, muffalo, Savanna’s migrations).
      • AmbrosiaSprout – Increase in summer in the forests
      • ManhunterPack – Increase in winter on cold maps. Huge boosts on ice sheet/sea ice
      • AnimalInsanityMass – Increase in winter on cold maps, summer on hot maps.
      • AnimalInsanitySingle – Increase in winter on cold maps, summer on hot maps.
      • Drought – more common in summer
      • Wildflower & Superblooms – more common in spring
      • Dust Devil – more common in summer
      • Aurora – More common from fall to spring
    • Weather Patterns:
      • Spring: a little wet.
      • Summer: dry
      • Fall: very wet.
      • Winter: wet.
      • If possible, tried to follow weather patterns like monsoon season, etc.
  • New Events:
    • Dust Devil
    • Wildflower & Super blooms
    • Drought
  • New Effects:
    • Lava Smoke
    • Frost
  • You can see pawns’ breath in the cold.
  • As pawns walk over snow and grass they slowly carve out paths. Pawns will make dirt and sand paths as they walk.
  • When it rains or pawns are in water, they get wet, which cools them off. This can help in a heat wave or lead to hypothermia

New Biomes


  • Description: Grasslands with trees.
  • New trees: Baobab, acacia, gum trees
  • Seasonal weather: Wet season and dry season


  • Description: Grasslands with little rocks or trees, but a lot of rich soil.
  • New plants: Sunflowers, Wild corn, Grass (18 varieties)
  • Seasonal weather: (had a tornado season, but b19 removed tornados. Will add back after some research)

Desert Salt Flats

  • Description: Desert with a lot of salt flats.
  • New plant: Saltweed, a special plant that grows only on salty earth. Separates salt from water.
  • New items: Salt and salted meat.
  • New floor: Salt the ground to prevent plants from growing for one year. Create a barrier around your base to protect from giant snails and fire.
  • New weather: Dust storms. Dry and wet versions.
  • Inspired by: Badlands Saltflats from Death Valley

Redwood Forest

  • Description: Temperate area with a lot of rain and fog, redwood trees and old growth forest.
  • New trees:
    • Redwoods, huge trees that take hundreds of years to grow and yields very large amounts of wood.
    • Old Growth Oaks, larger than your average oak.
    • Old Growth Hazel, larger than your average hazel.
  • New item: Red wood. Valuable, beautiful, fire-resistant wood.
  • New weather: Thick fog.
  • Inspired by: Redwood National Park in California

Volcanic Fields

  • Description: Tropical. Tons of lava rock, rich soil, steam vents, and lava. VERY DANGEROUS.
  • New animals: Fire salamanders and lava pet rocks. Lava pet rocks naturally radiate heat. Very very very slow moving. Once tamed, can be hauled to a room to heat it.
  • New item: Lava rock. A black stone that can be used for crafting.
  • New power source: steam vents. Just like geysers, but temporary. You can use the cheap vent generator to get power from a steam vent.
  • New terrains:
    • Lava: Destroys/burns items, burns pawns. Hardens and cools into lava rock.
    • Lava rock. Plants cannot grow on lava rock, but there are more steam vents. You can mine lava rock here, and it is where pet lava rocks grow.
  • New building material: Lava rock blocks.
  • New terrain: Lava. Impassable terrain, but it generates heat.
  • Inspired by: Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park

Desert Oasis

  • Description: Lush, life filled area that is affected by desert temperatures.
  • New element: Cold springs (see below)
  • New element: Wash. A dried riverbed that will flood in the spring.
  • Inspired by: Big Bend National Park in Texas

Reworked Biomes

Arid Shrublands, Extreme Desert, Oasis, Salt Flats

  • Added new plants – cactus, shrubs, wild corn, etc
  • Reduced amount of trees and removed raspberries
  • Added tumbleweeds and tumbleweed “migration”
  • Way less rain. Plants can die without fresh water (only really affects the above areas)
    • Snow and rain count to water plants.
    • Plants in a growing area aren’t affected. I’m imagining your colonists water their plants
    • Some plants have brown textures, some will lose their leaves in a drought.

Reworked Terrains

  •  Beaches:
    • Tides – very large bodies of waters will rise and fall like tides and waves.
      Junk, shells, and treasure might be left behind on the shore. They will wash away if not collected before the next tide.
    • New animals: giant crabs
    • New harvestable: Barnacles
    • Inspired by: A combination of beaches in Florida and beaches in the pacific northwest.
  • Riverbanks:
    • Riverbanks will flood in the spring and recede in the fall
    • Rivers will flood after a large rainstorm or snowmelt.
    • Rivers will leave behind rich soil after flooding.
  • Rivers, lakes, springs:

New elements

  • Spring spawning has been reworked. There are now less springs.
  • Hot springs:
  • Cold springs:
    • Spawns in all biomes except…
      • Volcanic Fields
      • Sea Ice
    • Surrounded by rich soil and ambrosia
    • Usually spawns next to a river/creek/etc.
    • Resting in a cold spring will temporarily reduce pain and give joy.
    • Makes pawns cooler.
    • Pawns will seek these out to relax in, or to escape heat.
    • Gives off a small amount of chill.
    • Inspired by Crystal Springs and Blue Springs, FL

New minerals

  • Amber (orange material)
  • Petrified Wood (dark brown material) (inspired by the Petrified Forest in Arizona)

New sculptures

  • Seashells

New plants

  • Hazelnuts, bushy-like trees that grow in temperate and boreal forests.
  • Ferns, moss, grasses and other cosmetic plants
  • Cactus (a lot of cactus)
  • Wild flowers
  • Marine plants that spawn in water.

If you like this mod, consider visiting the actual National and State Parks. Visitor numbers are really important, and these features all look waaaay bettter in real life :)

Future Plans

(in no particular order)


  • Sequoia Forest from Sequoia National Park in California. Has huge trees that can be mined to build a base in.
  • Glaciers from Glacier National Park: will expand in the winter and shrink in the summer. Can be harvested for ice.
  • Lakes from Voyagers National Park: Biome filled with water that freezes into ice in the winter.
  • Geothermal Fields from Yellowstone National Park: Dangerous biome that spawns acid, geysers and hot springs.
  • Prairie biome inspired by the Great Plains. Fertile, flat land with few trees, lots of tornadoes and new animals. Add new, tornado proof area (storm cellar).


  • Polluted waters from Cuyahoga River: Rivers catch on fire and flood, leaving behind poisoned earth and garbage.
  • Resource raids. Poachers or thieves will arrive to steal resources.
  • Wildflower bloom, inspired by the super bloom in Death Valley, California. In early spring a huge amount of flowers bloom. Gives mood bonus.
  • Bluebell bloom, inspired by all the bluebells in Texas. In early spring a huge amount of flowers bloom. Gives mood bonus.
  • Destructive floods, pawn drowning.

Misc Additions

  • River Delta and flooding from New Orleans, Louisiana: River flooding leaves behind fertilizer that will make a temporary, hyper-rich soil.
  • Cave dwellings from Gila Cliff dwellings: Ancient dwellings with loot. You can also live in them.
  • Cave formations inspired by Colossal Cave in New Mexico, Florida Caverns in Florida, and Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. Natural sculptures that are incredibly beautiful and valuable.
  • White Gypsum from White Sands, New Mexico – spawns in scrublands. Watching the sunrise and sunset here gives “unreal sunset” and “unreal sunrise” bonus.
  • Fossils, river washes, harvestable ice for coolers, more mood bonuses and takeaways, etc.

Change Log

View git change long (more complete)

Fixes done before implementing a git:

Fixed issue where flooded and frozen terrains freaked out and stayed frozen or flooded.
Fixed biome generation being random. Biomes show on map in a way that makes sense.
Reworked various triggers and actions (performance boost, hopefully)
Redid how special plants are spawned, hopefully leading to better generation.
Animals no longer walk on lavaRoe missing image
Amber/petrified wood wrong color
Custom floors, waters, etc were turning to dirt in the rain
Redwood biome temperatures
Redwood biomes raining all the time
Frost performance issues
Couldn’t build on wet sand
Redwoods/fallen redwoods ugly & too hard to tell where to click to interact with them
Steam vents spawning outside volcanic fields
Redwood/petrified wood floors using bad material
Failed to find Verse.ThingDef named BlocksTKKN_LavaRock.